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Start off your day with Breakfast at Cafe Amore!


Naked: Nothing but egg: $4.00
Cheese: Swiss, American or cheddar $4.50
That's Amore!: With plain, chive, or garlic herb cream cheese- your choice $4.95
Western: Ham, green peppers & onions $5.75
Southwestern: Artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, potatoes, rosemary & cheddar $6.25
Eastern: Smoked salmon, red onion, capers, and cream cheese $6.95
Southeastern: Anduille-(spicy sausage), green peppers, onions, potatatoes and cheddar $6.75
In Your Teeth: Spinach, mushrooms, onions & American cheese $5.25
Oscar Madison: Crabmeat, asparagus, swiss & Bernaise $6.95
Mama Mia: Sausage, onions, green peppers, basil and provolone $6.95
Crack ‘o Dawn: Bacon, onions, potatoes, & cheddar $5.95
Crack ‘o Noon: Spinach, feta, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, garlic, & Greek olives $6.25
Mixed Grill: Sausage, ham & bacon with cheddar cheese $6.50
Create your own omelet! Your choice.. mix & match 4 ingredients from above! $6.50
All omelets served with a mini-scone or toast

Eggs Benedicts:

Classic: Canadian bacon on an English muffin topped w/ hollandaise: $6.25
Oscar de la Renta: Asparagus & crab on an English muffin w/ dill hollandaise: $6.95
Gardener’s: Zuchinni, spinach & asparagus, atop sliced tomatoes w/ hollandaise: $5.75
Eastern: Smoked salmon, red onion, tomatoes, capers & cr. cheese on an English w/holl. $6.95
Be still my heart: Bacon & sausage links atop German potato pancakes w/cheese $6.25
Rancheros: 2 poached eggs in croustades- (toast "cups"), homemade salsa, guacamole, cheddar, & sour cream $5.75

Made to order, our waffles are a real treat.... Plain: just butter & syrup $4.25
Going nuts:crushed walnuts baked-in for a nutty crunch! $4.95

Try our twist on French Toast! Plain-Old-fashioned French Toast: $4.25
Stuffed with cream cheese- $4.95
Stuffed, then topped: Banana Foster: Pecan-coated Stuffed French Toast with sautéed bananas in a rum syrup.
Black or Blue: Stuffed Homemade Lemon Bread French Toast with Our Own Blackberry or Blueberry syrup! 1/2 order: $5.25 Full order $6.75

Lighter Side: 2 eggs, homefries & toast $3.95
Fresh fruit cup: seasonal fruit: $3.25
With yogurt or homemade granola: $4.25
Fruit-yogurt & homemade granola: $4.95
Continental Breakfast: A large scone, muffin, or bagel w/ cream cheese & fruit cup $4.75

Side Orders:

Toast: $.75 English Muffin: $1.00
Bowl 'o granola: $2.95 1/2-Grapefruit: $1.50
Homemade Muffins or Scones: $1.75
2 German Potato Pancakes: $3.25- Loaded: $4.50
Homefries, Bacon Sausage or Ham: $1.75

Your Bagel Connection!

Always a wide variety of fresh-baked bagels!
Buttered: $1.00 Plain Cream Cheese: $1.25
Garlic herb-Chive-Veggie-Honey Walnut
Bagel w/ SMOKED SALMON, tomato, onion & capers, & cream cheese: $6.95

Hot & Cold Beverages

Juices: Orange, Cranberry, Apple, Grapefruit & V-8
sm: $1.00 lg: $1.50
Milk: $1.00 Chocolate milk: $1.25
Iced Tea or Iced Coffee: $1.50
Soda & Juice in cans, Poland Spring water: $1.09
Italian Soda, sparkling water with a shot of flavored syrup!: $1.50

Old Fashioned Stafford Springs Soda!
Sarsaparilla - Birch Beer - Golden Ginger Ale
8 oz. Bottle: $1.00 or 24 oz Bottle: $2.00

Premium Coffee: 12 oz. mug $1.75
Hot Tea: $1.25 Herbal or Regular
Hot Cocoa by Cocoa Amore- Tempting Flavors!
Topped w/whipped cream: $1.75
Syrup flavors: Vanilla, Rasperry, Irish Cream, Toasted Walnut, Creme de Menthe Anisette, Almond Roca & more!

For Coffee LOVERSSingleDoubleGrande
Espresso- Rich & dark roasted$1.25$2.00$2.75
Cappuccino- Espresso, w/ 1/2 steamed milk & 1/2 milk foam$1.95$2.70$3.45
Cappuccino Torani- Cappucino with a shot of flavored syrup$2.45$3.20$3.95
Mochaccino- Cappucino with a shot of Hershey's syrup$2.45$3.20$3.95
Caffe Latte- Like a cappuccino, but more milk & less foam$2.50$3.25$4.00
Mocha Latte- W/a shot of Hershey's Syrup$3.00$3.75$4.50
Caffe Latte Torani- W/a shot of flavored Syrup$3.00$3.75$4.50

Curator: Matthew Wilson

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