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Provided below is a list of powers pertinent to the Dark Jedi and Sith. The explanations of things that you cannot understand are provided on the original website of which this data was taken from.
The Jedi Handbook

Control PowersAbsorb/Dissipate EnergyAccelerate HealConcentrationAngerBlacknessCognigtive TranceContort/Escape Control DiseaseControl Pain Detoxify PoisonEmptinessEnhance AttributeEnhance Skill TravellerForce Charged Strike Force of WillHealHibernation Trance Instinctive Astrogation Control Reduce Injury Remain Conscious Remove Fatigue Resist Stun Short-Term Memory Enhancement
Sense Powers Beast Languages Combat SenseDanger SenseInstinctive Astrogation Life DetectionLife SenseLife Web Magnify SensesPostcognition Predict Natural Disaster Receptive Telepathy Sense ForceSense Force Potential Sense PathShift Sense TranslationWeather Sense
Alter Powers Bolt of HatredCell Burst Dark Side WebEmpower Weapon Injure/Kill Telekinesis
Control and Sense Powers FarseeingLife Bond Lightsaber CombatProjective Telepathy
Control and Alter Powers Aura of UneasinessControl Anotherís Disease Control Anotherís PainControl BreathingControl WeatherDetoxify Poison in AnotherElectronic ManipulationFeed On Dark SideForce Lightning Heal AnotherInflict Pain Place Another in HibernationRemove Anotherís FatigueReturn Another To Consciousness Transfer ForceWaves of Darkness
Sense and Alter Powers Dim Otherís SensesForce Wind Greater Force ShieldInduced SleepLesser Force ShieldPrecipitateSensory OverloadThermogenesis
Control, Sense and Alter Powers Affect MindBattle MeditationBlock Force AbilityControl Animal Control MindCorporeal TranslocationCreate Force Storms DopplegangerDrain Life Energy Drain Life EssenceEclipseEnhanced CoordinationForce Bolt/Sith Bolt Force HarmonyMemory Wipe Projected FightingTelekinetic Kill Transfer LifeVampirismForce Scream(Special)