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Game Review for Final Fantasy 7
By: Matt Wilson

Squaresoft earlier released the long awaited game, Final Fantasy VII, for PC. It had been on playstation for quite sometime, but those of us, not willing to go and blow the $100-$150, plus at least $50 for the playstation and the game held out for a fantastic game for PC.

Final Fantasy VII, for PC introduces you to a storyline with a mercenary named Cloud Strife, an original from Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy 3, U.S., hes from Mobliz.) A fantastic introduction, superb graphics, although I do recommend you have at least a 4 Megabyte video card to have good graphics and game-play (otherwise it might be incredibly slow.)

Final Fantasy VII, includes the typical good guys versus evil empire, scenario, also pitting you against another villain far superior to the empire, which adds a wonderful twist.

Shinra Inc., playing the role of the Empire, fights against AVALANCHE, a band of rebels, which the main character (Cloud), fights with at first, going after reactors which are draining the planets energy.

From that point you are pitted against characters past, choosing which ones are to be your strong friends, which are not in a thrilling Role Playing sequence, the Empire seems to be fading in and out, rescuing your allies, fighting for justice, fighting to figure out your true identity, Final Fantasy VII has it all.

Produced by Squaresoft, they've done it again! BRILLIANT!